Submitted by Ned Flanders:



Between October 15 and November 15, 2002 individuals may purchase a copy of Highlights of Hiller Highlands History. A printing of this small booklet will occur as soon as possible after November 15th based on completed, paid-in-advance purchase requests. A single copy will cost  $6 which includes the costs of printing and an  attractive 8.5 x I I portfolio cover.  We will distribute the booklets at no cost.


Starting October 15th, prepublication, non-circulating copies for your perusal can be seen at the Highlands Country Club office. In addition, the Boards of all Hiller Phases will have a single prepublication copy to circulate.  If you are interested, contact a Board member of your association.



Highlights of Hiller Highlands History is a 38 page booklet written during a four year period by Ned A. Flanders, a retired professor and 31 year resident of Phase 1. This short history covers the lively litigation between the City of Oakland and the "Save the Hills Group" when the latter tried to stop the construction of Hiller Highlands. It contains 24 pictures and illustrations including a remarkable aerial photograph of our pristine canyon before it was touched by construction, Phase IV under construction, the old and new Clubhouse, a post-firestorm street party in Phase III, and examples of community wide newsletters. Special attention has been given to the early history of the Highland Country Club, some of its fascinating anecdotes, and how its early construction was central to the development of all Hiller Highlands.


The last section of the booklet is concerned with the future of self-government based on the CC&Rs, that is -- written covenants, conditions, and restrictions, as interpreted by a Board of Directors. How can associations strengthen their own governance and simultaneously promote community welfare? What are the prospects for the future?



Since Phase II and Phase IV have ordered more than 100 copies, we now know that a printing will indeed occur and the $6 price to cover the costs is fixed. We also know that the Board of the Club has agreed to place a prominent announcement in the Club foyer and to have copies on hand, between October 15th and November 15th, for the perusal of potential buyers. Anyone can order copies from the Club managers, receive a receipt, and then pick up their purchase. A representative of a particular Phase can also place a group order at the Club or with Ned Flanders, make arrangements to pick it up, and then distribute the booklets. In any case, we need to know, on or before November 15th, how many we should print.


Gaile Russ of Phase 11 has agreed to witness the financial proceedings in the sense of an informal, independent auditor.  We intend to keep complete and careful records.


October 1, 2002