The Party Is Over ... by Borut Prah, 1989
from the NY Times Book Review:
The Party is Over is a wry, satirical look at the demise of worldwide Communism. This timely tome chronicles the fall of Marxism from Moscow to Managua, and from Beijing to Berkeley. Borut Prah uses his unique perspective as a resident of both sides of the iron Curtain to wittily point out the foibles and follies of both Communism and Capitalism which led to the inevitable downfall of Communism. Mr. Prah pokes fun at both the true believers of Moscow and the "espresso Communists" of Berkeley. The Party is Over takes a lighthearted look at a serious situation that may have widespread ramifications for us all.
Book is out of print, but available from the author. To order. please send a check for $13 to Prah, 75 Hiller Drive, Oakland, CA 94618-2350.