Communism Failed - Communists Won
by Borut Prah

  • The indisputable fact: Communism has failed.
  • The balance sheet: Killed over 100 million people, more people than any other regime in History. Polluted air, water and land, worse than the rest of the World combined. Contributed just about nil to civilization.
  • The bottom line: Former Communists now own all the important property, worth several trillion dollars, stolen under Communist flag.
  • The score: Communists won.

    Is this a problem? What should we do about it?

    In the Old World Order, just like in fairy tales, the Evil eventually has been punished and the Good prevailed. Now, we have a New World Order and a new ending.

    Neither Attila the Hun, nor Hitler can match the Communists' results. For neither Huns of the Middle ages nor the Huns of the Third Reich were able to "keep the goodies for themselves". Most did not even stay alive.

    Not so with the Communists. Using the Marxist revolutions in Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Slovenia, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Albania, Bulgaria, China, Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, etc., the Communists accomplished the biggest theft and armed robbery in history.

    Not only did the civilized world allowed them to keep the goodies; Harvard professor Jeffrey Sachs actually advised them to keep the stolen goods.

    If American professors say so, what else could the Reds do but to repaint themselves and become the respectable Rich on the Riviera, Manhattan and other high rent places. Now they want to live among us, buy our best products with stolen money, breathe our cleanest air and drink our purest water.

    Disrespect for the property rights is about to become the New World Order and the model likely to be followed by the next "mother of all monsters". Whether it is one's only pair of shoes or the fleet of Rolls Royces, the fear of losing property makes most humans submissible to tyranny.

    Where is a new Ronald Reagan? Help, Lady Thatcher! Thank you, Senator Helms! Unless we stop this blatant property grab now, its endorsement by the very same civilized world that defeated The Evil Empire will eventually catch up with us all.