Conditions to Enter NATO

In September of 1995 NATO defined basic requirements for membership in NATO. While not official criteria, these requirements have become the de facto standard by which prospective new members will be judged.

To be considered for NATO membership, a country should have achieved or demonstrated:

Slovenia today does not meet the first two of the five conditions.

Respect for private property, one of the fundamental human rights is blatantly violated by the government officials. The severity of the problems is highlighted by the open letter from the president of SLOVENIAN ASSOCIATION OF FORMER OWNERS OF NATIONALIZED PROPERTY (ZLRP) to the Premier of Slovenia, published in DELO on June 1, 1996,. (ZRLP represents 10% of Slovenian population).

ZRLP demands:
1. investigation of personal responsibility of dr. Janez Drnovsek, President of the Government of Slovenian Republic, who is responsible for acceptance of unconstitutional and illegal clause in the 9th article of the Privatization and Denationalization Program and of Implemenation of transformations of ownership.
2. investigation of personal responsibility of Mrs Mira Puc, Director of Agency for Restructuring and Privatization, who approved the privatizations while being fully aware that these privatizations are unconstitutional and illegal.
3. revision of all unconstitutional and illegal privatizations and that the Agency immediately voids all its approved privatizations which were based on the unconstitutional and illegal clause in article 9.
4. responsibility by the Slovenian Government for all the damages caused to the rightful owners of properties through the unconstitutional and illegal process of privatization which was approved by the government Agency.
5. identification of all public officials who were involved in this damaging transformation of property.
6. immediate investigation of criminal responsibilities by the Office of Public Prosecutor for damages caused to the national economy and illegal transfer of property.

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